Trading in the city

leaving-city.jpgI'm up early this morning still on some other time zone. I am leaving the city for the great outdoors. I'm with my friend Tim Blum from The Mother Hips and we're heading up in to the Ansel Adams back country in Yosemite for an extraordinary camping trip where we teach a songwriting workshop. I'll be out of range hiding from bears and other wild animals. Swimming in beautiful lakes and eating berries and dancing in the rain and running from bears. Screaming in horror as wild hungry bears chase me up trees and into dark caves where hissing snakes await me with venom dripping from their fangs. I'll either run towards angry wildcats in one direction or wild dogs in the other direction. I fear there will also be those guys from Deliverance out there as well. Crazy backwoods inbred campers lurking in the shadows waiting for for me to twist my ankle and stray from the other hikers. I may be kept hostage for days squealing like a pig in a tree fort while pissed off hawks dive at my head and try to pick out my eyeballs. When I finally escape I'll hardly be able to run on my bad ankle and an escaped arsonist could be hiding behind a bush running after me with a can of gasoline and a look of insanity in his eyes. Yesiree! There aren't any 7/11's where I am going. Just me and my shiny knife in my teeth and my will to live. Oh yeah- if I make it back I'll be playing a show I just added at The Belly Up Tavern In Solana Beach California on August 8th. It's an anniversary show for The Belly Up so they are keeping ticket price lower than normal so I hope to see you there. My good friend Cindy Lee Berryhill is also on the bill and we haven't palyed show together in years so I am really looking forward to it. Australia?? Are you there? I'll be heading over for a tour at the end of December. Be on the lookout for dates. Signing off for only a few days (I Hope) Steverino Poltz