Tossin' Caution To The Wind

It's fun to wake up in the mornin' and make up songs.Especially with a ragged voice and friends around you with other instruments. This reminds me of my answering machine daze except it's longer than 45 seconds. Sitting by me right now in Breckenridge Co playing banjo is Ken Waag and on Mandolin Tom Scharf. Listen Here! I like her cause she steals pillows from shitty hotels I love her because she runs out on her hospital bills

I like her cuz she wears the same panties 6 days in a row I adore her cuz she pees outside and makes yellow angels in the snow.

I'm throwing all my cares out the window Tossing Caution to wind I just want her foul mouth around me I don't care where its been

I love her cuz she's leaves my CDs at Starbucks And makes it look like I'm for sale to the caffeinated dumbfucks It's the opposite of stealing It's like taking a cucumber and reverse peeling I love her cuz she's got a big black heart Oh baby she's my sexy little tart

Now people I met her on match dot com or web md or maybe it was rehab its all a Blur to me I don't care if we go to prison as long as we share the same cell I'll dress in drag for her she can drag me straight down to hell

xoxo SjjP