Toronto here I come!

webme-n-ma-on-fone.jpgI went to home to Palm Springs yesterday to visit my ma n pa and started digging through old photos. I found a whole bunch of them and I thought it would be good to start my trip to Toronto on a nostalgic note. I can almost remember standing there demanding more of my mom's attention while she took a phone call. (isn't that what all boys do?) I love my mom's hair do in this picture. It is perfect. I always asked my ma if I could get my haircut like the guy in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The character I always liked was llya Kuryakin. He was a Russian agent and I thought he was so cool. My mom was a good mom and would always tell me that I looked like him. That made me so happy and would say, "Really, do you think so?" It is 12 degrees in the big T O today so I shall dress accordingly. I am really looking forward to playing a couple shows in Canada this weekend. I shall see a bunch of cousins and sing songs and laugh. Oh Canada! See ya this weekend I hope, SJJP