Tonight Glasgow. Tomorrow Eurocentral


20130524-115354.jpg The Key Getting set for a journey to Glasgow. Leaving Kinross and the sun is proudly out like a gay man for the second straight day. Things are looking up. Flowers are swaying in the Scottish breeze and the sheep look like victims of a graffiti hazing with their wool spray painted green or blue or red. These colors seem to mark them as gang members of various tribes whose last names always start with Mac.

I locked myself out of my room and they have old school keys here. Like REAL keys. Apparently I have the ONLY copy and it's sitting inside my room like a lonely bride waiting at the altar. I'm shouting at the key from the door saying stuff like, "Hey you! Key! I never got your name but you're the only copy this here hotel has. I need to get my things. I don't have many things but I need to get them."

Then my key says to me in a low key like voice, "Oh Now you need me! You dropped me like a bad habit last night in the middle of your 'rock show' as you flung your guitar around like an ape. You only use me to stick me in a keyhole and then I'm tossed aside like a losing lottery ticket. Well, listen here mister. I'm not going to just crawl across the floor and grow opposable thumbs and open up the door for you. Go get a locksmith."

Just then a maintenance man with the thickest Scottish brogue I've ever heard came up to me and said something unintelligible to my California ears and I just said "Yes!" I followed him down the hallway and voila- I'm inside!

Come to The Glad Cafe tonight in Glasgow. You won't need a key.

Then Saturday night Berits and Brown in Eurocentral.