Tim Lincecum Traded to The Padres! And other schtuff

20110515-021619.jpgI had a blast at Rain and Lou's house concert last night. Great food, great friends and mountains of joy. Tim Lincecum showed up wearing a Padres hat and announced he had been traded. Woo hoo! What a night. I crowd surfed in their living room which was a first. People destroyed the place. It was awesome. Here's the poster:

20110515-022009.jpg Thanks Lou and Rain for not retiring from the house concert biz. I need you. You are beautiful. I like art it is fun. Peace b witchoo. The show at The Turning was grandiosity in a box. John owns it. John is my hero. He has the best staff ever and I hope to be back soon. Cereally I mean it man. Cereally. The place was packed out an Valerie shot some great video footage. She even filmed soundcheck of me singing Flinty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5PMAXV9LgI&feature=youtube_gdata_player Now we headed north to Canadia. Canadia Canadia Canadia. Fun fun fun. We've gotta be in Halifax by tomorrow night for. Monday night show and a Tuesday night show at The Carleton Heck yea! Nova Scotia! Man, I've sure spent some great time with friends on this amazing little tour that never ends. See ya down the road somewhere. Peace, Steve