Throwback Wednesday

IMG_4535.JPGTBW. Throw back Wednesday? July 30, 2005 holy moly. Almost 10 years ago I sang the national anthem with Gregory Page and Nucci was on the drum. Yes drum.

If I recall, the Padres played The Cincinatti Reds and lost by a score of 9-1. Cincy kicked The Friars butts that day. Don't blame us. We sang on key and did our part. In fact, if I remember, The Reds swept The Pads that series. I think it was a 3 game series.

I need to call The Padres and book an anthem for Petco Park this year. I'm going to shoot for Tuesday July 21 vs The Giants. It'll definitely be a jam packed house.

Go Pads! This is gonna be our year. Is it too early for baseball fever?

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