Thoughts on leaving Memphis and playing Nashville tonight

20110323-094844.jpgThe air is wet this morning and I need to wash my dirty hair. This is a match made in heaven. Oh welcome rain oh welcome. I think I've worn the same clothes everyday and I'm either a hobo or a musician. I vote for hobo. I ate a piece of red velvet cake for breakfast just because it was there staring at me and mocking me as if to say "I dare you to eat me for breakfast. I know you want me. C'mon Steve. Everybody's doing it. Why are you scared of me?" So I ate it all up and now I don't feel so good. Was it worth it? Would I do it again? Yes. Yes your honor, I would.

Speaking of doing it again, I'm playing Nashville tonight at 7pm at 3rd and Lindsley. Come one come all. 7pm. Fun. Free money. I'm giving away guns and ammo and a large poisonous reptile I've illegally imported from Africa. I'll also be supplying clean needles and free heroin. There's something for the whole family. See ya real soon.