This world is nutty

PoltzAnthology037.jpgphoto by Philip DeFalco I arrived home from my Canada adventure to a stolen VW van and a show at Anthology. They stole my van dammit! My heart sank and I felt so sad. I loved that van as much as one can love an automobile. I had just made my last payment on it. I camped in that thing and it carried me to many a gig and never complained. Then I got a call from The San Diego Police Department. "Is this Steven Poltz?" "Yes." "This is The San Diego Police Department." (adrenaline rush. heart beating fast. did I do something wrong lately?etc...) "your van was reported stolen and it's about to be towed." "yay! yikes. don't tow it. I'll be there. Hang on!" The cops found it downtown in San Diego. They were going to tow it because it was covered in parking tickets. So when I put the key in to start it, my poor van van just sputtered and coughed and then I realized it was out of gas. The crooks ran out of gas. There were two half smoked joints in the ashtray and the air conditioning was cranked all the way up, the seat was pushed all the way forward and the radio was cranked to 11 to a spanish radio station. I think the cops found it on 4-20. Weird. Nutty. The way I figure it, it was a couple of white supremacist militiamen trying to blame it on Mexico. It's just too obvious and in all my years of studying crime in college and from all my detective work I am positive I'll get to the bottom of it. I'm just glad that the stoners left my van unharmed and I hope they fall down while crossing the street and twist their ankles and hobble around for the next couple of weeks. Tonight Im driving to Ventura for a show at Zoey's Cafe. It's a 10pm show and I sure do enjoy playing at this fine venue where the owners treat me like a royal prince and bring me tea and slippers and fresh linens. I do hope to see you. Your friend, Steve follow me on twitter here.