This tired dog is home

20110407-042116.jpgIn need of bath this dog is home. I still feel like I'm in a van moving. I hear the hum of the asphalt and see blurry images to my left. Troubadour needs sleep and troubadour needs water and exercise. Other than that it's good to be home. Cloudy cool and crisp weather and the scent of The Pacific Ocean carried on the afternoon zephyr. Seagulls and trains and automobile traffic mix in with bicyclists all jockeying for space. The surf report and sports talk radio focusing on The Padres. Mexican food on every corner- Filibertos, Robertos, Rigobertos, Squirtobertos! 6 rolled tacos with guacamole bro, can you spare some change? Ahhhh the simple things are all at my reach. Let me stay home for a long spell and read and sit and think. This is a good relaxing place to be and now I'll go take a nap. A dog nap.