This is our tour mgr! & I woke up in the parking lot of a funeral home

20111121-122316.jpgMiles is our tour manager. He's hilarious. He's a legend. He's a nonstop barrel of laughs mixed in with a world series parade after 3 days. He has the biggest heart and a smile to match. This man truly loves life. Last night we danced out arses off in some late night disco that was open till 3am. I pretended I was in the show Riverdance except I was dancing to Sweet Child O Mine and then everyone was pogoing up and down. Ahhh the sweat and the glory. Super duper fun night. Miles is my hero. Let me just say that I love Inverness. The show last night was really cool. What a delightful audience to play for. The agent/promoter is Tam. What a champion he is. He toured the comedian Bill Hicks (rip) over here in Scotland. I LOVE Bill Hicks. He also was a great friend to another hero of mine- the recently departed guitar player extraordinaire Bert Jansch. It was really cool talking to Tam and listening to his hard to understand Scottish accent. Look at him!

20111121-124056.jpg I woke up in the parking lot of a funeral home. The place was dead. Rimshot. Thanks! I'll be here all week. No but seriously I did wake up in the parking lot of a funeral home. It was pretty quiet. I went inside to check it out but everyone there was really stiff. Haha. I took a quick picture as the funeral dude was washing the cars. He was cranking the stereo as he worked. It was a Grateful Dead song.

20111121-130936.jpg But if I have a proper funeral I found the perfect place. Inverness. Check out this beautiful funeral home. I was riveted. I just stood out front taking pictures. I love everything about it. The architecture. The steps. The gold. The beautiful font. Wow.

20111121-131356.jpg I'm loving Scotland. We are headed to Kinross for another show on this never ending tour. Tonight's show is at The Green Hotel. Goodbye beautiful Inverness.

20111121-132008.jpg I hope to be back soon. Yer pal, Steve