This is nuts

IMG_3089.JPGI was talking to this bowl of mixed nuts last night. Just chatting away all alone in a room. No big deal. One of the fellows in the bowl was a cashew. We discussed whether or not cracking open walnuts was a violent act. Finally one of the walnuts piped up and said "Wal --- nuts! I think it's a horrible tragedy the way we're cracked open with those nutcrackers. Wal I actually abhor it." Some of the other nuts starting giving me their two cents as well. Finally the cashew asked me to sing them a song so I did. I sang them The Ballad Of Tommy and Marla. They clapped for me which was kind of awkward- hearing nuts clap. Then I said "I gotta go now. I hope this conversation is really happening because if someone was looking in it would look like I was talking to a bowl of nuts. Perhaps a nut talking to his relatives who all live in a bowl after living in a can." So I stood up and walked out of the room and as I looked back I said "Cashew later."

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