Things I did yesterday

20111101-095319.jpgI saw some beautiful fall leaves in London changing their colours and getting ready to retire for the winter and go into a deep slumber until the spring sirens summon them to the vines of recovery. I strolled and strolled and then I came to The Thames River.

20111101-095605.jpg I thought of my Dad telling me about the time when he was stationed in London for a weekend with The Royal Canadian Air Force and he got tipsy an peed in this river. I smiled and thought of my favorite fictitious song by the famous fictitious songwriter: Yellow River by I.P. Freely. Then I walked with Modl to a boat and ride down The Thames and saw this

20111101-100041.jpg The Tower Bridge in all its glory. Then we walked I we The Houses of Parliament and saw Big Ben.

20111101-100225.jpg I sang a Roger Miller song out loud to myself as I strolled along- "Enga land swings like a pendulum do- bobbies on bicycles two by two Westminster Abbey and The Tower of Big Ben. The rosy red cheeks of the little children" Then I saw Westminster Abbey and it was gorgeous. Man. Gorgeous.

20111101-100604.jpg And then, just like in a movie, voila- a Beefeater appears out of nowhere and I got my pic taken with him.

20111101-100744.jpg He never smiled and barely knodded his head when I thanked him. We're best friends as you can tell by this picture. Then I checked out The Millennium ring and thought about Y2K virus and it all seemed so distant yet so close. Then we went to Shoreditch (hipsterville) and Modl was wearing his St Louis Cardinals hat.

20111101-101202.jpg Our stomachs were growling so we ambled over for some Thai food and had this pumpkin curry dish that was scrumptious.

20111101-101336.jpg Then I posed with some Halloween revelers dress up as Legos

20111101-101944.jpg And then I came back for a deep slumber and now it's Tuesday and I'm Ready for the drive to Whitstable for my gig tonight at The Playhouse with the ever charming Glenn Tilbrook. Me likey dee UK. Love to you, Steve