These hikers

IMG_4395.JPGThese folks have been my hiking companions the last few days in Florida. That's my songwriting pal Grant Peeples and his three girls.

You got Mama Dog on the left. She was a rescue dog that was shot a couple times and was a hog dog and would hunt wild hogs. She's the alpha dog and the other two pee where she pees.

Scruffy is in the middle and she's a rescue dog and got her left ear bit off in a fight with a possum. She gets to ride up front with grant because she causes the least trouble.

On the right you got Lucy. She's also a rescue dog and the wildest and almost died from a snake bite. Grant lives out in the boondocks and last night there was an armadillo under the floors where I was sleeping and that dog was going nuts.

They have to eat their dinners in separate rooms to avoid WW3 from breaking out.

Scruffy sat on my feet when the other dogs were near because she claimed me. She made me her bitch.

I love them all.

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