These Australians are nutty

poltz-and-himself.jpgWhere do I begin? The beginning I guess. I flew from L.A. to Sydney. The plane stopped in Tahiti for all of 1 hour. I had been in the air for 9 hours and was feeling kind of kooky. It was 2 a.m. in Papeete and there were 4 huge Tahitians playing ukuleles and singing beautiful songs. Then a gorgeous local Tahitian girl handed me a flower and told me to wait with the other passengers who were transferring to another plane headed for Sydney. I boarded that new cleaner plane and tried to sleep and sit sleep for another 9 hours or so and woke up in New South Wales and Milan met me in a rental car and we drove into Sydney for some tea. He dropped me off at a Bikram Yoga class and I stretched and showered and then we drove 3 hours to Newcastle for a living room show. They call them lounge room shows over here. When we arrived the house was full and there signs like the one I'm holding pictured above, stuck in the lawn like a realtor. They looked kind of like click here to see now click here! See what I mean? Next thing I know, the host Sara plays a tape like everyone's on an airplane or something. She acts out the parts to the tape like a flight attendant and everyone was cracking up and I thought I was still on the plane. I have a recording of the tape she played but I can't get it to upload to this here website for some unknown reason.. Just let me say that it involved helium balloons and exit sign warnings etc... Everyone got a safety card click for safety card! I played for a couple of hours and everyone had a smashing time. Here is a pic of the group View pic of group! So I hope the rest of trip goes this great. See ya soon somewhere. SjjP