The world spins and I'm spinning

20120609-145751.jpgPlayed The Ark last night in Ann Arbor Michigan and the shows keep getting weirder by the minute. Ever feel like you're losing your marbles? Yesterday I was walking and texting and I fell down some stairs. Idiot. My left ankle is swollen and sore but the show must go on. Look at my alien feet.

20120609-150211.jpg Oh well. I thought I was doing something nice. I was actually instagramming and texting and sending something to Facebook. Why would I look at stairs? They're not important. I heard that Slim Dunlap from The Replacements had a stroke and was checking his fan page on Facebook and seeing if it was possible that I could maybe visit him when I'm in Minneapolis next week. I want to donate 50% of the proceeds from the door at my show at The Fineline in Minneapolis on June 22, to his recovery fund. It's hard when you're a musician traveling if you don't have health insurance. So I wanted to give a little back. Then I fell down the stairs. I was reading a response from Slim's wife saying it would be cool to visit Slim on the 22nd. I was smiling and I thought to myself "gosh it feels good to do something nice." Then I fell while patting myself on the back.

Years ago my band The Rugburns got to open for Slim Dunlap in Chicago at Schuba's Tavern. That was the night that Slim broke my drummer Stinky's nose. Ya see- I was playing a pre gig game of poker with Slim and the guys and Slim turned over a flush thinking he'd won the pot but I had a full house and Stinky was standing behind Slim and Slim jumped up and yelled and the back of his head hit Stinky's nose and the blood poured. It was an amazing sight to behold. Slim was so apologetic and couldn't have been any nicer. Stinky got two black eyes and had fun the rest of the tour saying Slim Dunlap broke his nose in a poker game. Ahhhh... memories. So I hope Slim recovers fast. Sunday night I play in Columbus Ohio at The Rhumba Room. Early show at 7pm sharp. Love, Steve PS here's the link for The Slim Dunlap fan club page. Donate if you feel it.