The ukulele street singers and John Lennon

Shawn Rohlf just took this pic of Gregory Page and Chris Modl and me singing on University ave in San Diego after a luncheon gathering of o us 4 boys at The Mission. Gregory was teaching me sone fancy ukulele chords while we sang purty songs to passersby. We made 37 cents from a very generous hobo and then we felt guilty so we bought the hobo a bottle of cherry flavor dessert wine and now he's drunk and sleeping in the back of my van. I think I'll drop him off at the train station. In other news, it's been 30 years since John Lennon was shot. I remember the day like it was thirty years ago. I was at SDSU listening to a Bob Marley record I'd just discovered and figuring out what reggae music was all about when all off a sudden people started gathering around a tv set. I was stunned and couldn't believe it. He was my favorite Beatle for sure. It still makes my heart hurt. Here's a video of John I love to watch. It makes me laugh. check it out Have a nice day! Steve