The Snail House

20140417-113752.jpgI spent the night on the grounds of a compound near a house that was shaped like a snail. I heard rustling in the leaves and when I woke up the snail house had moved approximately 26 inches. The reason in know this to be true is because I washed my dirty socks and hung them on a line to dry. I paced out the exact distance from the snail house to my socks. As I started to doze off my socks said to me "Steve, we're scared of the snail house. It's slowly moving in our direction. You can't see it with your weakling human eyes but our sock eyes can see more than most. Even an eagle is like Ray Charles next to us except an eagle can't sing Georgia On My Mind." I'm scared of the snail house but I want to be its friend. I'm going to leave this compound and drive down the mountain from Bonny Doon to Berkeley. I play a show tonight with Shook Twins at Freight and Salvage and it this pace the snail house may be there too.

I go on at 8pm! Right on time. The Freight and Salvage