The power of intention?

Finally crossed the border into Vancouver. Had to pee like 4 & 1/2 racehorses so I stopped at the first Starbucks I saw to use their facilities. As I entered the loo there was a horrible odor wafting through the air -- foul like someone ate bad fowl. As I stood there micturating I thought to myself "eeek! I'm breathing in poo molecules. I can't see em but I just know I'm breathing them in." So I held my breath and I thought about the film What The Bleep Do We Know? Then I wondered why there wasn't a section dealing with poo molecules in that documentary. Then I left one of my CDs on the cd rack next The Eagles and I said to myself "Wow! Starbucks is stocking my cd." I repeated this over and over until I actually believed it. Now I'm not sure what is real and what isn't.

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