The New T shirts Are in! Yes they are!

The new puzzle piece t-shirts are in. I'm very excited about this. They are designed by Melbourne artist Nathan Davis. Check out his work HERE! He's a quirky young man I had the pleasure of meeting in Melbourne, Australia last month. He's quite the artist and a very funny sarcastic person to boot. I'm honored. He also designed the banner up top. The classy little American Apparel t-shirts will be available at The Belly Up show Saturday night. They'll also be available in the merch section right here starting Monday. I'm up in the air typing this as I fly towards San Diego, California. I'm drinking ginger ale and tippity tapping away. The clouds look really cool outside the winows. They're floating q-tips waiting to clean the ears of wayward travelers and circus trapeze artists. I just stuck my head outside of the window of this plane and walked on the wing like I was in The Twilight Zone. My ears are cleaner than the marble floors of The Vatican.

Peace love and puzzle pieces,