The many moods of Aussie Poltz

Here's the new movie that's been taking the world by storm. We're getting world wide distribution next week but here you get to see it first. It was filmed in Maroochydore, Queensland Australia and is already up for several awards for best film in a natural nature type naturistical naturesque est incorporating naturalismo n-n-n-nature's so bitchin setting. Please enjoy and don't forget to vote in the upcoming Academy Awards documentary balloting type series-esque type cool guy art house elimination series adaptation etc and so forth. Every vote counts and you are not the last chance wallflower that the world has made you out to be. After all, you know ME! I'm a man with ties. Scarves and beanies and socks and purple underwear. I can get a table at several b-list restaurants in at least 3 countries. Take your vitamins you bogens, oops- I mean bogans - Steverino