The Long Road to San Diego

Albuquerque rhymes with Turkey. At least the last half does. I have a slight cold and it's freezing but the sun is out and I've got miles and miles to go. San Diego is on my radar O'Reilly. Speaking of San Diego, here's a piece that came out in yesterday's San Diego Reader.

Last night's turnout in Albuquerque was the best yet. The room was filled with lots of people and I loved the venue. There was a guy there I've known since '78 named Don Tesso. I love him. He's an amazing bass player and producer.

Chris Modl's dad Dave and his wife Jae bought us all dinner at Sadie's. Thanks! So now we're hitting the open road to San Diego. Friday night I play 2 shows with Tim Flannery at a really cool club called Anthology.a 7:30 show and a 9:30 show. Have a happy Thanksgiving eve. Time to drive. Peace, SjjP