The journey doesn't stop

20111108-084127.jpgI woke up to this view the other day in Plymouth. It was a rare sunny day and a friend of Glenn's named Sooky (awesome person alert!) let us all stay in her family's summer cottage. This was the view I had from my room. I still slept in my sleeping bag because I have become a kennel dog and this is how I now fall asleep. Ruff ruff. Here's the only thing that was hanging on the wall in my room-

20111108-084608.jpg I forgot what good advice this is. I like reading this a couple times upon waking. Good advice but not easy to follow. Just when you get one part down you say "what was the other piece of advice?" Anyways, Glenn made us some pasta and we ate it like a big traveling circus family around a large circular wooden table. I was the resident freak. The food was so bloody good I had seconds thirds and fifths. It made a diminished chord of loveliness in my soul. Then we watched Beavis and Butthead! Modl downloaded the first two new episodes and our British friends laughed at all the right times.

If you go into the city centre of Plymouth there's a weird energy. I think it all carries over from the fact that the city was carpet bombed during WW2. Ugly new architecture stands next to a bombed out cathedral still standing in a sad memory of the evils of war. It's a city that was battered and recovered like a beaten dog passing genes along to the next breed. Never fully trusting again and manifesting itself in strange coping mechanisms.

20111108-093528.jpg We woke up this morning in front of The Electric Palace in Bridport where we played last night. Great crowd and good turnout AND it was Monday! People are keen to the idea of house concerts. I see it in my future. The theatre last night was really cool.

20111108-094158.jpg Tonight we play in Swindon in Wiltshire County. The Vic is where the gig is. The journey continues and I'm only one week in. There's so much left to see. Go placidly among the noise and haste! Cheers, Me (steve)