The hot sauce made me ramble 

  You guys know how much I love baseball. Well, I just love The World Series. It's kinda cool not really caring who wins this year. I don't love The Mets and I don't love The Royals so it's fun to just watch the games unfold and still feel the drama. I'm happy The Mets won last night because I want this series to go 7 games. I want game 7 to go 20 innings and end on a bizarre play.

Go team.

In other news- I can't believe I head to Indianapolis this Wednesday.

I actually play a show in Indy! This Wednesday. Yikes. I just got back from Australia.

So yeah- Wednesday I play a new venue. It's called The Hi-Fi. I love new venues. This should be pretty dang cool. I have A LOT of friends in Indy and my roots with that city go way back to The Rugburns days. I'm excited.

Then Thursday get to return to Oklahoma City. My roots go way back there too. It seems I am lucky and friends in a lot of different cities. My Greg Johnson owns The Blue Door and that's where I'll be this Thursday.

Then some real cool folks hired me to play a private show in OKC on Friday. I think this one is gonna be a good'n.

Then on Saturday I zip up to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada! That's quite a haul. I play that night at The Park Theater. Woo hoo! My Dad was born in Winnipeg. It's my return since playing The Winnipeg Folk Fest.

Then I head to Texas Nov 11-14. I'm fixing to play Dallas Nov 11 at The Kessler Theater. I'll be opening for Karla Bonoff. I'm thrilled!

Nov 12 I'll be playing a private show a cool guy named Wayne hired me to play.

Then on Friday Nov 13 I get to finally return to Houston to play the venerable Mucky Duck. I love this room. My friends Rusty and Teresa own it and they treat me like a king. Food and hugs and stuff.

Then on Saturday Nov 14 I return to a city I adore--- Austin Tx. I play Strangebrew! Can't wait. Many Austin pals to catch up with.

Then Nov 21 Saturday night I return to San Diego. I play Poway Center For Performing arts. Oh heck yes!

Then I chill out for the rest of the year. And. Just. Rest. My. Body.

---Unless some crazy offer comes in. But I reckon I'll just have a nice long rest. Why not.

Tonight I'm going to see John Prine and Kris Kristofferson play in San Diego. Two legends. I get to be a civilian. I can't wait!

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