The hands of time

20140116-182057.jpgMy Mom and Pop. 84 years young. I took this last week. They are still rockin and rollin and holding hands and fighting over the remote. He likes baseball and Breaking Bad and she likes Maher and Downton Abbey.

These hands made me. They disciplined me and they held me. They nourished me and brought me soup when I was sick. They drove me to wrestling practice back when I was a 98 pounder. They earned the money and wrote the checks for my first guitar lesson and my first guitar. They taught my Sister Kath how drive a car that was three on a tree.

These hands taught me to swim. Helped me with my first paper route and handed me my first ever dog. These hands tried to explain math to me but it was futile. They tried to organize me but it was an uphill battle.

I love these hands. I feel safe when I look at them. Like time could stand still for one perfect moment.

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