The Gift

20120502-143157.jpgSo I was playing a house concert in Melbourne, Australia the other day and there was this famous landscape architect gardener extraordinaire at the show. His name is Andrew Laidlaw. As I was playing the show I was connecting with him. Telepathically of course. I can usually tell if someone is really digging the music by their body language. He was leaning forward and totally simpatico with me. He was sitting next to his gorgeous wife. It was an outdoor show and it was chilly and everyone looked ready for Autumn and Winter. You have to remember that Winter is on its way here in Australia. The leaves are turning and there is a chill in the Melbourne air. So anyways, in the middle of my show I tell Andrew that I love his boots and cool and worn in they look. So I finish the show and he comes up and gives me the biggest hug and says "I think my boots will fit you. Please try them on." so he kicks off his boots and like Cinderella they fit like a glove. He says "ease take them as a gift. I want to walk out of this party in my socks." That's Australia. They'll give you the shoes off their feet. These are freaking R.M Williams boots! They're as classic Aussie as it gets. Ahhhhhmazing. My final two Melbourne shows are tonight Wednesday at Ruby's in Belgrave and tomorrow Thursday night at Northcote Social Club. I can't wait to see you. Thank you Andrew Laidlaw! Cheers, Steve