The Festival State

20120420-124421.jpgThanks to all the Adelaiders for coming out to The Jade Monkey last night. Great group of people jammed inside. Adelaide people are good at singing along and they're good at smiling. I sincerely send good vibes to you. Great trees I saw yesterday. Good colors.

20120420-124653.jpg Today is day 7 in a row of Bikram Yoga and I feel so stretched out and happy. Yesterday Mr Tony drove us to Port Willunga in South Australia and I jumped in the cool clear salt water and floated until the sun decided to set. It was truly beautiful.

20120420-124900.jpg I have a house concert tonight in Adelaide and then tomorrow nigh I'm seeing my first AFL football game. The Adelaide Crows are playing. I'm excited to watch all the action. Love, Steve