The Corvair

IMG_3097-2.JPGOne time when I was about 6, it was 1966 and I was jumping rope with the neighbor kids and they were singing songs and the jump rope broke and then I threw up. So even though I had vomit all over me I took out my iPhone and googled jump rope repair and a nice man drove over and fixed the jump rope and I paid for it with my iWatch because the nice man had a bluetooth device in his square card reader and it was able to scan my iWatch. So we filmed a Kickstarter video for financial help in buying a Corvair to drive us to jump rope tournaments.

Then we sang- Cinderella, dressed in yellow Went upstairs to kiss her fellow Made a mistake And kissed a snake How many doctors Did it take? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. . . .

Then some neighbor boys beat me up and my nose bled so we filmed it and put it up on YouTube and started an anti bullying campaign. Then we used Uber to get a ride to the ice cream store and the man behind the counter felt sorry for me and gave me a free scoop of rocky road. Then we watched The news on the ice cream man's Apple TV and Walter Cronkite told us about a place called Vietnam and showed a clip of a man called LBJ watching kids jump rope. Then I said "this is good weed man". The end.

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