The Chicken Man Sam's Burger Joint 2nite!

IMG_3116.JPGI am the chicken man. I walk the streets cluck cluckity clucking. I'm free range baby. I hang out with lizards on hot porches and listen to crazy people play the spoons. I lick fresh lemonade off of the concrete when the spoon session gets heated and some fool knocks over a jar. I walk the streets of this town dragging my guitar over speed bumps and singing spirituals and songs from musicals. I can kind of fly but not very far. I don't need to fly because I like walking the gutters. I'm clucking to San Antonio Texas tonight to play Sam's Burger Joint. I don't need a badge. I got a song to sing. I am the chicken man dammit. I got all my shots. I can sleep on the stage. I'll sell you one of my feathers for merch. I can see the future and I know your history. I'm like Santa. I'm everywhere. If you pull a blade on me I'll claw your face. I can fix your Ford Falcon. I wrote the script to Annie Hall and gave it to Woody Allen. I was a journalist in Germany during WW1. I ended prohibition. I once won a medal for good sportsmanship. I have a birthmark on my back in the shape of Cuba. I saved a family of 8 from a bridge that collapsed. I picketed outside KFC. I know all of the words to every song by Townes Van Zandt. I am the chicken man! I am the chicken man. I chop onions and never cry. I cried during Old Yeller. I know how to make flour tortillas. I like waffles.

Sam's Burger Joint

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