The Central forgotten Coast

Central Coast Extravaganza (the forgotten coast) I'm in love with the central coast. It's the most. The central coast. Me and Jesus and the holy ghost. We love the central coast. Ta da! Had a hoot of a time in Arroyo Grande at Chez Bolton. Barbara and Mike threw a wing ding. Great living room for a house concert and it was packed out. People brought lots of food. I think Flowerchild helped to get the ball rolling. I met her years ago when I was in The Rugburns and she was a Dj at KOTR. K-otter! We used to rock the coast. That radio station used to play Dick's Automotive because it's such a long song it made for great bathroom breaks. I remember one time this woman got so angry because she hated Dick's Automotive so much that she called up and threatened the station that if they ever played that song again that she would do major damage. Sure enough KOTR played it again and she drove her car right through the front doors of the radio station! Amazing. So anyways, Flowerchild brought these really good raw food rolls. They were so tasty amazing goodness be bop a Lu la. I've never tasted anything so good. I want to eat them everyday. I want to live on them. They have secret love energy stored wigging their natural goodness. Our hosts Mike and Barbara made scrumptious halibut and ahi tuna and we were fed like kings. Then we stayed at Holly and Eric's house and they have goats and a horse and chickens so we had farm fresh eggs fresh outta the chicken. Me and that goat on the picture are now friends. I went to high school with Holly so it was good to catch up. The central coast is where it's at. Dammit. It's all so lush and green today from the rain. Rolling hills and pretty trees and chickens and goats and horses and dogs. Achooo! But I love it. Now the highway pulls me south like a main artery pumping this vehicle to the mothership of all life force. Carry me home. Carry me home. Thank you for last night. New friends and old.

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