The Black Swan

Hi friends, I went to see The Black Swan. Have you seen it? Did you like The wrestler? Do you like the films of Darren Aronofsky? This movie will mess with your head. It's kind of scary and beautiful at the same time. I think I liked it. I know I liked it. I definitely liked it. I keep thinking about it. I guess that's a good sign eh? Now I want to go the ballet. He really shows the gritty side of things and a couple of times in the movie I had to look away. Natalie Portman is amazing and so believable in this role. I think that's one of the major strengths of Darren Aronofsky as a director. He's so good at picking people for roles. Just as he did with with Mickey Rourke, he does with Natalie Portman. It almost makes you worry for the person in the role. Talk about a psychological thriller, man, this thing is dark. Oh, and just let me say that Barbara Hershey does a Mommie Dearest role that out Mommie Dearests the best of the Mommie Dearests. She freaking scared me. I can't wait for you to see it and I want to hear what you about it. Oh- Winona Ryder also makes an appearance and she rules. Go see it today and give me your review. Maybe you'll hate me for recommending it but I have to know your thoughts. SjjP

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