The 2 Cds fit together

bill-bwker23.jpgThis is Bill Bowker in the middle. He's a disc jockey at KRSH in Santa Rosa California and he's been playing tracks off of both of my new releases. The dude next to him Patrick Dennis form The Truckee Brothers. Patrick plays drums in my band The Cynics and sings like a beautiful bird on a wire. The reason I am showing you this picture is because I want you to see how the 2 cds are different in size. That's so that "Unraveling" can fit into the taller "Traveling." Patrick designed the artwork for the cds and it really works out like the 2 cds are best friends. "Traveling" carries the the other cd around in its pouch like a marsupial. After you buy them them they even hop around like kangaroos, mate. (not like kangaroos mate) I'm not interested in the mating habits of kangaroos. I mean, like kangaroos---- mate! They hop all over your desk when you're at work and when someone casually strolls by from another office shoving a hot pocket into their mouth, you look like a much cooler person because you have companion cds. And because you're not shoving a hot pocket into your pie hole. The only way to get "Unraveling" is at the live shows. This is angering some people who live far away. My heart is starting melt when i get emails from people who can't possibly make it out to the shows due to distance and the cost of gas and hot pockets and Chuck Norris fitness dvds. What should I do? Do i stick with my earlier convictions and keep it available at live shows only? Or do I acquiesce to the demand of the proletariat? It would give a boost to the fiscal year fourth quarter reports of sales of pockets that are hot in correlation to hopping cds. My sales go up while hot pockets take a hit and people get more fit. I was originally planning on finishing this tour and then in April or May making the other cd available by order through this very website you are tippy tapping on right now. Please give me some advice. Or as they say in Germany "adwice." Until then I remain, Your friend, Steven JJ P.S. Shank Hall is a great venue to play in Milwaukee. Thanks Peter! P.S.S. Sue from my management is the coolest person ever. Thank Sue for coming out to the Milwaukee show and bringing all your fine peeps. Wisconsin is more than just cheese and The Packers. It's a rock n roll cornucopia of snow and music mixed with cheese and friendly fine people that would go out of their way to help you change a tire in the middle of a blizzard. P.S.S. Chicago here we come! This is an early show tonight and starts at 7 pm sharp. I get 90 minutes so get there on time. Attendance is compulsory and we will give fines for tardiness.