Thanks Troon! Tonight Kinross



20130523-114935.jpgI woke up here. In Troon Scotland at The Tower Hotel staring at Arran Island on water known asThe Firth of Clyde which leads to The Irish Sea which leads to The Atlantic Ocean which eventually can carry you all the way to New York City. It might take you a few days in a rowboat but you could eventually make it, weather permitting.

I had a swell time singing songs for the locals and some freaks who made the trip from far away places. Great crowd of musicians in the audience last night and after the show I sat with 4 of the lads and we had a little session and passed the guitar around as the sleepy evening carried in from the ocean. I could hear the waves and the music blended in in perfect harmony. I finally snuck off to sleep and I had the heat cranked and my room was super cozy. I woke at 10:15 this morning. I never sleep that late. I woke to a crazy dream that my Sprinter van that I sold over a year ago was surrounded by cops and I was in a safe room overlooking it as they shot their rifles at it trying to blow it up. They said it was loaded with explosives. It was filled with bullet holes but wouldn't explode and I was saying "Please stop shooting my van! How am I gonna tour? It's riddled with holes now and the gas is leaking out." Then the cops realized that I had these tiny new age crystals in my pocket that I would hold in my palm to keep me stress free. They said the crystals were highly explosive. I had found them in my van and thought they were pretty. So they had 4 guys come into the room in bomb suits and had me standing perfectly still telling me not to move or I'd be blown to smithereens. They were emptying my pockets and had me lie down on a padded floor in a white padded room. That's when I woke up and realized it was 10:15 in the morning. I was scared to move because I still thought a bomb was going to go off. Jeez- it was so peaceful. Remind me not to sleep in.

Tonight is Thursday and I play in Kinross at Backstage The Green Hotel The Muirs Kinross KY13 8AS