Thanks Lewisporte

IMG_2580.JPGI played a show last night in Lewisporte Newfoundland at the Citadel house hosted by a husband and wife named Dean and Stevie. Here I am this morning having breakfast with everyone. They have 10 kids! Well- actually 9 because they lost one at the age of 5 to cancer. So 9 kids and they have a recording studio downstairs where I slept. Wow! What a fun night playing for the peeps of Lewisporte.

Today I drive to Burlington Newfoundland for The Gathering Festival put on by my friend Shaun Majumder. He texted me this morning and said bring your rubber boots because it's soggy and everyone is camping. And he also told me to watch out for moose.

Check out the website for the festival.

Looks like fun.

Cheers! Thanks again to Dean and Stevie for having so many kids and putting on concerts in such a remote part of the world.