Thanks for the new banners keep sending 'em in

Last night was super duper fun at The Pelton Arms. Loved the crowd and loved the venue.Everyone was smiling and singing along for the long haul. Thanks to Susan Kitchen for emailing the banner above. Make a banner sized 940x198 for this here website. Email it to It's fun! Everyone is doing it. Just 2 shows left and then Wednesday I'm heading back to San Diego. I'm going to walk and swim so I should be home by Wed eve because I have superpowers. I've saved the last 4 episodes of The Wire for my trip. Ok. I'm flying. Then no more Wire. It's so hard not to watch these last four but I'm holding strong. We'll see how today goes. Do you guys have any suggestions for the next cool show to get into? I've already blown through Breaking Bad and Madmen. Joe Daly told me to watch Damages so I'm going o take his advice because he seems to have good taste. I was also thinking about Deadwood. Tonight we play Brighton at Komedia and then tomorrow on Tuesday is our final show of the tour. It'll be at Blackheath Concert halls. Love you! And thanks, Steve