Thanks for last night Kinross

20111122-125114.jpgI sang for you. I had too much fun. Yet you paid me for this. I feel guilty now. Because I should have paid you. Catholic guilt I guess. I crawled on your chairs and scared you. Yet you paid me. Scotland is cool.

20111122-125324.jpg They say things that I can't understand. I just nod my head when they tell me stories and I only recognize every fourth word. "Oh, street! Right!" How the hell do you people even understand each other? Sometimes you ask me a simple like "where are you from?" and I respond by saying "yes, I love tomato juice!" then you look at me like I'm "special" and there's an awkward silence. Last night on the wall of the club the promoter had an old set list from a Rolling Stones Toronto gig from 1974. Look at the songs! That would have a great one to see.

20111122-132406.jpg It's so beautiful today. The sun is finally out and the fields are green and luscious. We're headed for Aberdeen for a show tonight at The Lemon Tree. It's Tuesday and I feel good. Did I mention how pretty it is today?

20111122-133254.jpg Cheers, S