Thanks folks. Belly Up was a hoot

20111014-131424.jpgPhoto by Brian Davis I look like I'm getting eaten by a shark. Heaps of thanks are in order for for all the fine people who showed up last night at The Belly Up extravaganza. I was a freaky sweaty mess by the end of the night. So much fun. I love you guys. Massive praise to The Belly Up for always being so dang nice. I ended the night standing on the bar doing an unplugged singalong version of Dick's Automotive. People were chanting and singing along at the top of their lungs. Hoarse voices riding horses while chords and saddles intermingled with hay and oats and lagers of pilsner intersected with sharks eating people's limbs. It was a bloodbath with wigs and fangs and snakes hissing. A crazy man let out some doves and the doves shat dollar bills on the unsuspecting punters. In other words we had a ball. Today I bask in the afterglow of post prandial primordial sludge. My blood is flowing through my veins at breakneck speed. I'm a human rickshaw rolling all the way out of the universe. I'm a rickshaw rocket ship. A love vessel. Yeah boi! Steve