Thanks Cave Creek and St George

stinky-n-me2.jpgWow! I just got home from a great little mini tour of St. George, Utah and Cave Creek Arizona. These two places never cease to amaze me. I brought Stinky along for the ride to play his snare drum and percussion, and he eneded just playing a cardboard box. He was given the box by Bucky or Craig or Linda at The Electric Theatre and it was brilliant. Brilliant, I say! The sounds that this man gets out of a crappy little box with his magic brushes are insane. His harmonies were spot on and the energy was zinging around like a superball on a cement handball court. By the time we got to Phoenix (actually Cave Creek. I just wanted to say it the other way) Dave and Anita (our lovely host and hostess) were scurrying about to find other cardboard boxes at dumpsters throughout the town. We had a blast and I danced naked for stinky in the van while he drove down empty desert roads in search of Yoo Hoo and Twinkies. I sang the entire sountrack to Cabaret while the jackrabbits and slithering rattlesnakes were darting across the landscape. It was really creepy. The picture above was taken by Dave Anderson (owner of the Cave Creek Coffee Co.) in mid-strum of the song Chinese Checkers. Thankyou St. George and thankyou Cave Creek. We'll be back. Check the tour dates for a show near you. I'l be bringing Stinky and his magic cardboard box to a city in your proximity. Don't miss it. Here is a little ditty for you to listen to at work or home. I really just wanted to say the name of tennis great Vita Gerulaitus. I got the idea for this song a few years back when Joe Daly (aka Westy) commissioned me to write it while he was living in The Windy City. He thought it would be great if you could just order a new head when you had a cold. Just pick one out of a catalogue if you will. Please let me know which person's head you would like to order. I'm very interested. See ya soon. Poltzy LISTEN HERE The Boy Needs A New Head The boy needs a new head he