Thank you Ireland, Scotland tonight


20130519-081552.jpgWow, what a beautiful night of music last night at Whelan's in Dublin. I opened for The Lost Brothers who you see pictured above - Mark on the left and Oisin on the right. There was an wonderful crowd of music aficionados packed inside for the shindig. I sold some merch and hung out for a spell telling stories and laughing with the friendly Irish punters. I need to come back to Ireland soon and stay longer. Like seriously.

Thanks so much to The Lost Brothers for asking me to play on this show. We had a nice dinner together in the heart of Dublin with their manager Frank. Frank used to manage Thin Lizzy and The Pogues. He even knows Mojo Nixon and was telling me stories about Mojo opening up on a long tour with The Pogues. That'd be cool to hang out with Shane Magowan and Mojo at the same time. I think. Maybe not.

20130519-114541.jpg Photo by Kiera We ended the show last night all together singing I Shall Be Released

Tonight I play in Largs Scotland. A house concert. Yes I am playing inside some really cool people's house. Louise and Allan Milligan. If you want to go email Allan at

I look forward to this show. Don't miss it. Hello Scotland! Must catch some some sleep before I play tonight or The Milligans will hate me for playing a shitty show. I am running on fumes. Just arrived in Glasgow. Nap time. I recharge fast. Steve