Thank you --- Australia!

  Thank you Australia. 1. You clapped for me 2. You laughed with me 3. You fed me (heaps! Like a king) 4. You bought Merch 5. You came to my shows 6. You said crazy shit to me 7. You taught me new words 8. You sold me cool clothes 9. You made me the best coffee 10. You let me play your festivals

11. Free hugs!

And on and on and on

I'm honored and humbled to know you

My 16th time here and just gets better. Like peeling away the layers of an onion. Or chopping an onion Because my eyes are now teary

I'm leaving for San Diego I'm on the plane Gonna fly now

Much love and respect to you

Peace be with you - and also with you

San Diego here I come Homeward bound xoxox SjjP