Thank You! (and lots of things to remember)

kriknme.jpgI had so much fun at The Belly Up birthday bash show. But Jesus Christo, that was a lot of work. I want to thank everyone for traveling so far to be with friends. What a great group of friends we have. I was so tired Saturday that I just hung out with my AARP card. I'm very lucky to have such a rich group of friends and musicians. Sigh. Some things to note: 1. The live recording of The Belly Up Birthday Bash show show is up online here at!( The page takes a while to load as there are over a hundred of my live shows up online. So be patient) 2. I'll be on the radio live tomorrow Thursday Feb 25 from 8am to 9am on KPRI fm San Diego 102.1FM OR----- Stream it online live here: KPRI fm 3. I'll be on NPR's venerable Mountain Stage show this weekend. Most of the NPR stations will be airing the episode during this weekend of Feb 26 to 28. A complete list of stations that carry the show can be found here. The following week my set will be posted at and archived for continued access. 4. Here's a review of The Belly Up show 5. Here's what some Australians were saying 6. Here's a preview you may have missed. 7. Here's something cool about Dreamhouse in Popdose 8. Here's something neato about Dreamhouse in Herohill. (scroll down to find me) 9. You can listen to an archive of last week's KPBS radio performance on These Days right here 10. you can listen to a podcast of my performance on The Mikey show 94/9 fm right here. (just scroll down and find me) 11!!! Check it yo------ I'm playing a FREEEE in store show at M-Theory Music in San Diego Ca at 6:00pm on Friday Feb 26th and it's all ages! I'm in a new blue cast now. I was hoping to be cast-less today. No dice still healing. Bone still broken. No guitar. I love you guys!