Texas Thyme

20140729-101357-36837439.jpgA promoter for an upcoming show I'm playing in Texas just called and requested a current publicity photo and I asked him "how current?" "Ohhhh really current." He replied. So I snapped this picture of myself while I was talking to him and said "I have a really new one. I'll send it now. It was taken by a professional photographer who shoots for Thyme Magazine." But he only heard the word thyme and I guess he thought it was the other magazine that is more famous and doesn't focus solely on herbs. I haven't heard back from him yet but hopefully he uses this photo. This is how I want Texas to see me. It's my "new look".

Thank you for coming out to San Antonio to witness my set with Toad The Wet Sprocket. It was an extraordinary evening and one of the best nights in the history of best nights. I gave everyone at the show a free car (A Lamb Bore Geeni) and a blow dryer and some apples and 1 cookie. This made most of the people like me.

Tonight AND tomorrow night I play Austin Tx at Strangebrew. Two nights in a row. Not 1 but 2. If you show up to both shows you get extra credit and I'll give you the answers to Mrs Danforth's geometry test on Thursday morning. Also- you will be able to wash your feet. I never loved anyone as much as I love clean feet.

You people are beautiful. (Whaddya mean "you people"?) I mean all the people that I see with bubbles around their heads. Bouncing with words ricocheting and zig zagging off far away skyscrapers. I love your smiles and your road mapped eyes. You bring me more joy than I could ever carry even if I had a wheelbarrow. Thank you for that.