tele3.jpgWhen I was a little kid my earliest memory was one of my my mom ironing shirts while watching J.F.K.'s funeral on t.v. I remember that she was crying and I didn't understand why. I was only 3 years old, yet I remember it like it was yesterday. It was embedded in my memory like ink on a page. It made me sad yet I didn't really know why. I can still see the black and white t.v. and my mom's sad eyes. It seemed like everybody after that was getting assasinated. I'll never forget Martin Luther King's death and Bobby Kennedy's death and Rosie Grier crying on t.v. If people were't getting shot at then they were overdosing on drugs or somthing else. Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Mama Cass stc.. Vietnam was in full bloom and there were protests and Walter Cronkite on the evening news. I was always asking my parents to explain why we were fighting in Vietnam and they could never really give me a good explanation. Images were being funneled to me nightly on t.v. and it really scared me. By the time John Lennon got shot I was in college and it seemed like everyone on campus was frozen in time. Toady as I watch the news of Ronald Reagan's death I feel sad. Although I never voted for him, I can't help but marvel at what a huge part of history he played in this amazing country. I'll never forget him lying in a hospital bed after the assasination attempt on his life and him apoligizing to Nancy for forgetting to duck. I love a good sense of humor and he used to crack me up. He was a fascinating man with an amazing history and quite a love affair. Tonight I will have a shot of Jameson in his honor. Rest In Peace Ronald and safe travels. Sincerely, SJJP