the-barn.jpgThe Mucky Duck is cool. Celeste came to my show. She loves The Barn cd. She drank apple juice and danced around. Here we are after the show. You should have been there. It totally rocked. The Sopranos is almost over. What's going to happen? Any thoughts? I am playing in Austin tonight and I hope you can make it out to the show. The Padres are playing really good baseball but can't get a leg up on The Dodgers. My Dad is happy for his Dodgers and I think he hates my Pads. I went jet skiing in Athens, Tejas. The people in Athens are way cool. You should come to the show next time. Look at the sign they painted for my show. athens.jpg I never wanted to leave. I washed my clothes and ate good bbq and mexican food. Then I tried to wake surf and I felt really old. I have a really lucky life. see ya, Steve