Teesdale! Victoria! Australia!

Whoa! Dudes and Dudettes, I played this crazy little gig last night in Teesdale, Victoria at this roadside joint called Tombstone Country. This very cool gent named Brad decided to host me at this party in the middle of the country. As you can see by the picture above, he even had a beer brewed in my honor. It was nutso magutso! I felt like I was truly in the outback in the set of a movie. I played for a couple of hours and a nosh pit of four year olds broke out in front of the stage. I hung out and talked with the locals for a long time after the gig and had some laughs. I love Brad and his very cool family. This morning we all had brekky together and looked for koalas. I never saw any. Dang it. I have seen one kangaroo! Next time I come out Brad is going to let me play cricket with his team! Not many gigs left down under. Besos y abrazos, Steve