Ted's Sister Tessia Is About Give The World--> Chuck Rocket


Ted Berberian has a sister named Tessia who is married to Bryce and they must have had sex because she has a child in her belly and he's about to come forth into the world. I've known these peeps a long time and time waits for no one. Chuck Rocket will be arriving in North Carolina very soon and this is exciting news. I love Tessia and her whole being ness ness ness.. They came to my show tonight along with very few people. I can't seem to figure out this city of Charlotte. If people are going out to shows then I don't see them. Either way, I played my heart out and sang with the best intentions. Sometimes it's depressing out here on the road. Drive for hours and hours and you can start questioning things. What's the purpose and what's it all about? I think I'll go to sleep and meditate on positive things. Things like Chuck Rocket and how happy Ted will be to be an uncle. I love Ted. He keeps me positive. You guys should meet him.