Tampa was fun- Winter Park tonight

20110503-013014.jpgCuban sandwich, black beans and orange soda. Had a great time last night at The Straz Center For Performing Arts in Tampa. The people were nice and the staff were very accommodating and folks bought merch and sang along. Everything went the way it was supposed to. When you're on the road, this doesn't always happen, so the tour has started off with a bang. It can only go downhill from here. :)) I feel like I'm about to conquer Florida and take over the whole state. Of course this feeling will go away but for now it feels nice in a back rub kind of way. I'm going to loot this state for everything of value and then have a yard sale and sit on a lawn in my folding chair smoking a pipe and reading a novel by Henry Miller while a server brings me crepes. I'll lazily fan myself and wipe the beads of sweat from my forehead with a gold bandanna. I'll listen to the ballgame on a transistor radio and curse when my team strikes out. I'll sip lemonade and dream of sailboats and pirates and marlins. Yes Florida- you are now mine. I am heading toward Orlando in my spaceship. Tonight I play at 8 at McRaney's Tavern in Winter Park. Don't miss it or else I'll come find you and leave a bag of burning poo on your door step. With adoration, Steve