lyle-n-me23.jpgThis year's SXSW music festival was my favorite. Probably because I had no free time. The whole thing went by in the wink of an eye and now I am a spent piece of used nuclear recycled rocket waste. I'm sitting in a hotel room somewhere in the middle of Colorado trying to make sense of it all. Some folks hate this festival but I still like it a whole lot. In the picture above, I am grinning because I just finished a show for KGSR in the lobby of The Four Seasons. Lyle Lovett was the radio guest host and asked for a copy of the new cds. Pretty freaking cool that he asked me to sign it to him. I wonder if he knows how much I love him. I tried to act calm and collected but my right eye was twitching. Our show that morning had a ton of energy. mcmurty23.jpg This pic is after my show at Mother Egan's and I'm standing with the great James Mcmurtry. When he speaks he grits his teeth and he rarely smiles so this an award winning shot taken by my radio promo queen Jenni Finlay after our show together that Cary Baker threw. Thanks to Cary for inviting me to play. I love James' writing and his new cd is aces. I think it is due out in on April 15th and it's called Just Us Kids. I listened to it all day yesterday on the drive from Dallas to Colorado. Buy 10 copies for all your friends. mojo23.jpg Here's Mojo Nixon. He's insane and he is saving the world. Listen to his show on Sirius Radio. The Loon in the Afternoon on Outlaw Country (channel 63). I've known him for years and he never ceases to leave my eyes wide open like saucers for the shit he says. I played his Jalapeno Pancake Party at The Continental Club and that show rocked to the nines. I crowd surfed and almost got my head taken off by a ceiling fan. jon-dee23.jpg Here's Jon Dee Graham in a post show glow. He played the most amazing set and had the audience singing along and gave me goose bumps. He handed a box of cds out to the crowd and told them to put in money if they took one out. The box came back empty of cds and full of cash. It was awesome to see. People say music is dead but I say it ain't. My favorite gig was at a gay bar called The Cock Pit. I can't make this stuff up! We rocked like there was no tomorrow and we met a very cool band from Sweden named Kristoffer Ragnstam. This guy is so fun to watch on stage and his band mates were stellar. I saw them play the next night somewhere else and they rocked again. I like Swedish rock stars. They seem so awkward and geeky. It makes for a great show full of attitude and energy. I also got to hang out and eat BBQ with the XYZ Affair. We played a show with these guys in Minneapolis and they are my new favorite band. They got up on stage with us at my showcase at the Hilton garden Inn 18th floor and they sand in beautiful falsettos on License Plate Eyes. More later-- we have to drive to Aspen for a show tomorrow night. Steve