Swing on all these vines

Can't stop. Everything is a Vine.Send in the medics. White coats. Needles. The whole thing. Padded cell. Just let me make 6 second films in the looney bin. Aghhhhhh!

Tea Things I looked at My dad meditating for a lap dance from my Mom Clutter You were meant for me Swan Lake Quick Lil brekkie My Father'a hand grows bougainvilleas Marching orders Palm Springs walk with Dad Come on baby light my fire Love in the time of Louis XIV How I was made My Dad is an 83 year old jumping bean guitarist Don't pick up hitchhiker Joe I'm comin' in to get you Jessie Pop No more monkeys jumping on the bed. Whaddya think money grows on towels?? My Dad just told me he's giving me all these tea cups. Whoopee! Lotto! My lucky day! Very excited. Dad yodels. Backyard scenes in Palm Springs Joe Poltz juggles whilst reading The Taste of Nova Scotia Cookbook

The Life of Stevesteve poltz