Sweaty mess of fun

Thanks for coming out to The Belly Up last night. What a fun time I had. Your love and soulshine beamed lights of energy to every corner of that packed out room. I saw so many old and new friends. It was a night of many musical guests. A cavalcade of stars on a musical merry go round. Thqnks to Sara Petite, Peter Case, Jeff Berkley, AJ Croce and Michael Bizar and the lovely Lisa Sanders. Shawn Rohlf and Dr Robert Driscoll and Stinky and Christopher Hoffee and John Castro! Non stop energy like a bullet train shooting across Japan. Today I am already on a flight headed to Seattle and saving up energy to do it again tonight. I really feel lucky to have lived this long and been blessed with a bounty of friends and freaks. Community is what we have. It feels warm and good and right.Seattle tonight with The Presidents Of The USA At The Showbox. Yee haw. Let the river flow. Steve

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