Sunday Mar 24 Phoenix Az!

20130323-092229.jpgHey kids! I'm off to a new adventure on the morning horizon. I'm leaving Texas and I'm headed to Arizona. Phoenix, that is. Tomorrow evening I shall play a show of musical mayhem at the venerable club they call The Rhythm Room. I recommend you come out for the last bit of spring training beisbol. Eat some crackerjacks and cheer on your favorite team and then on Sunday night March 24, head over yonder to my gig. It's a fool proof plan with the emphasis being on the word fool. Hop a train, hitchhike, take a helicopter or walk. Wear comfortable shoes. The desert is beautiful this time of year and girls will be wearing halter tops. Guys will be wearing tube tops. Dogs will be wearing sandals and g-strings and will have flowers in their collars. I think my friends Tim Flannery and Barry Zito and Jake Peavy will be attending so I'll probably drag their asses up to sing a song or 3.

A quick word about Tejas. Well -- Galveston--- I had one of the greatest meals ever at this little place called The Cajun Greek. Stone crab, blue crab, seafood gumbo, a shrimp po' boy and then the owner saw me eating all this food and said "you ain't from around here are you? You need to try the crawfish. It's on me!" So then he brought me out a big old plate of the red bugs. Wow! If you're ever in Galveston check it out. The Cajun Greek

See you tomorrow night at The Rhythm Room.


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